Pottery Classes Update

We are back and new Pottery Classes are starting next week. Check out the website for all classes for this year at  www.birchgrovestudios.com. We are doing ok but are in need for some classes to start.

This year for the first time I have ordered 3 smartphone holders on a 18″ gooseneck so that those who wish to use there smartphones to access the teaching videos we have on our website hosted by YouTube will be able to view the lessons I have up loaded. This I feel will help new students the most because while I am working with one student the other new students can view and hear what I had just showed them which will give them direction until I can work with them myself.

As you know there are a lot of steps in just learning to center the clay and after my demo most folks will not remember everything I just showed them, which is natural. We learn by doing and what I like to use in my class I call couching them or working one on one. But what about that last student I get to? If I have a lot of new student this can take some time for me to get to him or her. Thus the teaching videos.

If they own a smartphone and have earphones and the phone is fully charged they can review what I had just showed them. At this time I could only afford to buy 3 of these holders. We plan to get more when we can afford it. This idea of the videos will all so work for those many of you who have taken the class many times. Lets say you wish to make geo-jars but wish a review, just go to the video on making geo-jars. Or it’s and open studio day with no instruction and students can access the video’s on there smartphone. One can use there smartphones without a holder of course but I thought it would be cool to have it at a height which made easy viewing. A clear envelope will be available to protect your smartphone from dust and wet clay.

I hope to push this idea farther when I can afford to after the State Fair by using Kindle Fire book readers which are like an iPad but not as expensive and would have a much larger screen than a cellphone.

Anyway that is what is in the works. Hope to hear from you.

All the best.