Read what students of Birch Grove Studios are writing about:

“Dennis’ pottery classes offer the perfect combination of detailed instruction and open studio time allowing each student to move at their own pace. Dennis is a skilled artist and dedicated teacher who is able to instruct each student individually based on their level of knowledge and style of learning. I would HIGHLY recommend this class to both novice potters and advanced potters alike.”


“Birch Grove Studio is great place to learn the art of pottery whether you are experienced in wheel thrown ceramics or it is your first time working in clay. I love the cozy, yet roomy studio and how it is nestled among the birch and spruce, berry bushes and wild flowers, with birds chirping among the branches and sunlight streaming through the windows: very peaceful. Master Potter Dennis McKenzie is patient, kind, and well experienced in teaching students at all levels of ability. When I took my first class, I had never wedged a lump of clay; but by the end of my first session, I was thrilled to actually be making recognizable objects…I was hooked! I continue for not only several more sessions, but for years. Even after I became an established potter myself, I continue taking sessions with Dennis for further education–he challenged me and I was inspired by the ideas and camaraderie of the other students.”


“The glaze colors and types of stoneware clays Birch Grove Studio offers to students are, in my opinion, second to none; you learn with the “real thing.” And the type of firing–Reduction Cone 10 Propane Gas–produces the most magnificent colors. In this economy, with the cost of fuel, having the opportunity to have your own designs fired in a reduction gas kiln, price included in your class fee, is a wonderful opportunity.”

- Mandy Jo

“If you are looking for a unique,rustic, authentic pottery making experience, Dennis McKenzie’s classes at Birch Grove Studios should fill your needs. After taking at least 6 classes, over the course of the past 17 years, I’m still eager to learn more. Dennis is a master craftsman with years of experience, and always makes his classes interesting.”

- Nancy

“I shared a booth with Dennis & Vickie at my First Palmer State Fair, Watched and loved their son David grow into a fine man and potter from a baby….I worked with Vickie when we both taught at Mat- Su Community College in the early 1980′s, She headed up the art department and taught weaving, I taught Glass art techniques. Their Birch Grove Studio is not far from me and I wanted to share this web sight to those of you interested in Pottery, the arts, photography, weaving, music and the written word…. the lifestyle of an artist. We are all evolving as artists and human beings and it has been great to have Dennis, Vickie and David as fellow Artists. Hope you enjoy his Web page.”

- Jeanne

“I have been taking Dennis’ class since January 2006. I live in Anchorage but visit the valley on weekends and I saw Dennis’ advertisement on the Food Boy grocery store bulletin board. I have always wanted to try pottery and this seemed the perfect opportunity.

I was welcomed with open arms. Dennis, his wife Vicky and the other students (some much more experienced than me) are very patient and helpful. Even after six years I am still learning new techniques and tricks of the trade. Dennis and Vicky are very generous with “open studio” time and students have ample opportunity to practice their skills. I enjoy the camaraderie and look forward to meeting new people and visiting with old friends. My family understands that Saturday morning is my “clay time” and they rarely interfere with it!

If you have a creative streak and like to play with mud (actually clay), please consider Dennis’ class. We’d love to get to know you!”
- Stephanie

“Dennis is SUCH a great teacher! I highly recommend taking his classes” (: – Mckayla

“Let it be known that I am grateful for taking the ceramics at Birchgrove Studios With Dennis Mckennzie. I learned so much and had a great time. His lessons have stuck with me even though I have moved 5000 miles away to California. Pottery has become my therapy.”

- Tim