Ceremonial Urns at Birch Grove Studios

It is with pleasure that we are introducing our new hand-thrown pottery for use in ceremonies, rituals, special occasion remembrances and funeral urns.

We have made urns/jars like these for many years. They have been and can be made to any shape or size the potter wishes or to our clients' needs. No two pieces are the same since each is hand-thrown on the wheel and decorated in many different ways. The size of the urns range from 6" high and 9" wide for the ovoid form with a volume of almost 3 quarts. The rest of the urns are from 9" to 14" tall with volumes ranging from 3 quarts to 4 quarts. The photos below show some of the types of forms we make.


To view a larger size select an image above.

Approximate Prices Range:

Small Urn Medium Urn Large Urn
$150.00 $223.00 $300.00

20% special internet discount off above pricing on Ceremonial Urns.

Email us or call (907.376.5816) to place an order.

To view current urns in stock, visit the photonet site.